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Transparent Liquid System

TLW-80A is a transparent water-based solution that can sip in between the fine cracks beneath the tiles. This product is especially useful when dealing with small cracks. By using our bathroom waterproofing method, you need not hack the tiles and cause a mess in your bathrooms and toilet..
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Transparent Liquid System Series

Our Comprehensive Waterproofing Solution Ensure A Long Lasting Effects & Helps Avoid Costly Water Damages To Your Property Or Accidents Happening To Your Loved Ones.


The initial coating of TLW-80A seeps in between cracks and gap to prevent water particles from expanding and contracting.


The secondary coating of TLW-80B aims to waterproof the surface against water and air permeation into the cracks of the tiles and surfaces.


Anti-Slip coating finishings of TAS-100 to the surface of the floor ensure that kids and elderlies wouldn't slip and fall easily especially on wet surfaces.

Easy & Simple

The transparent liquid gel waterproofing system is a highly effective solution for waterproofing a variety of bathroom and toilet surfaces. This system is made up of a high-quality liquid polymer that forms a clear, protective barrier over the surface it is applied to.

The liquid gel is formulated to penetrate deeply into the pores of the surface and create a waterproof seal that is highly resistant to water.  Once applied, the transparent liquid gel dries quickly and leaves no residue or odors.

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