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Our Team Is Committed To Solve Your Water Leakage Issues With Service Warranty Up To 10 Years.

Our Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing creates a barrier against mildew and other fungi that can cause damage. Once the your home waterproofing is done, it can be easier to maintain and update without concerns about water damages caused by heavy rain or thunderstorm. Check out our portfolio for more info.

Types of Waterproofing Solution

SHIELDO Waterproofing Company is the leading waterproofing company in Malaysia. We offer a wide variety of waterproofing services to both homeowners and businesses.

Torch-On System

The torch-on waterproofing system is a new waterproofing technology that employs a small, self-contained torch to heat and then vaporize the waterproofing sealant. This seals the surface against water and moisture and provides a temporary waterproofing solution.
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Transparent Liquid System

transparent liquid waterproofing system is a water repellent surface treatment made up of a solvent and a polymer. The solvent is typically a petrolatum or a mineral oil based liquid, and the polymer is typically a EVA or a polyurethane resin. The system cures to form a hard coating that is resistant to water and other chemicals.
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Solvent-Based System

solvent-based waterproofing system is a type of application that uses a solvent to penetrate the surface and bond with the cracks to form a protective sealant. The system then requires a second application of another solvent coating.
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