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Last Updated May 14, 2024 @ 7:27 pm

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Car Porch Waterproofing

Many households in Malaysia have car porch or roof structures erected to provide some shade and relief from the blistering heat. It also works great to protect the vehicles from the heat, thereby, lengthening the lifespan of said vehicles.

These roof structures are generally a horizontal slab of concrete built to provide maximum shade. However, concrete is porous, meaning it allows water to seep into it. Hence, if left untreated with cementpolyurethane or rubber sealant, a potentially disastrous leakage might occur.

Water Leakage Issues

Malaysia is blessed with a fair amount of rain. When it rains, the water has a tendency to get into places where it’s not wanted, like the inside of your concrete roof structure, and corrode the structures from the inside out. 

This will cause building structures, like the car porch roof, to become brittle. Over time, it may come crashing down unexpectedly, causing harm to the vehicles parked below and any unsuspecting passerby.
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Why Choose SHIELDO?

Our waterproofing treatment methods requires little to no hacking, and can be done in just a few days! We guarantee that the effects of the treatment will last for years with minimal maintenance required.

Effective Waterproofing

To prevent such accidents, it is best to ensure that the car porch roof is properly waterproof against rain and storms. 

Our company specializes in providing waterproofing treatment for industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

Multiple Layer Waterproofing

In the waterproofing treatment, we apply a layer of waterproof coating which will act as a barrier to prevent water from passing through it. 

The waterproof coating also helps to encourage water flow as the hydrophobic properties drive water away from it.

Five-Year Warranty Services

On a side note, these properties of the waterproof coating will also prevent water from pooling on the top of the car porch roof. 

Water puddles pooled on roofs create stress on the building structure which further decreases the structure’s lifespan in the long run.
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