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Types of Waterproofing Solution

SHIELDO Waterproofing Company is the Leading Waterproofing Company in Malaysia. We offer a wide variety of waterproofing services to both homeowners and businesses.

Torch-On System

The torch-on waterproofing system is a new waterproofing technology that employs a small, self-contained torch to heat and then vaporize the waterproofing sealant. This seals the surface against water and moisture and provides a temporary waterproofing solution.
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Transparent Liquid System

transparent liquid waterproofing system is a water repellent surface treatment made up of a solvent and a polymer. The solvent is typically a petrolatum or a mineral oil based liquid, and the polymer is typically a EVA or a polyurethane resin. The system cures to form a hard coating that is resistant to water and other chemicals.
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Solvent-Based System

solvent-based waterproofing system is a type of application that uses a solvent to penetrate the surface and bond with the cracks to form a protective sealant. The system then requires a second application of another solvent coating.
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Which Part of The Building Needs Waterproofing?

Malaysia's Hot & Humid (With Occasional Flooding) Area Can Lead To Water Damage To The Building Structure Both Internally And Externally. Therefore, It is vital to safeguard your assets by applying waterproofing preventive measures on key areas.

Bathroom & Toilet

It’s important to waterproof the bathroom and toilet to keep water from causing damage, leading to mold growth. A bathroom without a waterproofing system is especially susceptible to water damage caused by leaks from the plumbing.

Rooftop Slab

Moisture and rain can quickly cause water seepage into the concrete. By waterproofing the rooftop areas, homeowners can avoid costly repairs and keep their property looking refreshed and new.

Car Porch

A car porch is often exposed to the elements, and it can easily become bogged down in rain. A car porch can also be a source of mold and mildew if it's not well-waterproofed. By waterproofing the car porch, you can protect it from water damage and keep the area clean and dry.


By waterproofing your balcony, you can minimize the chance of damage and safeguard your family in the event of a water emergency and flooding. Balcony is often damp and dark which might lead to mold issues thus affecting the air quality.

Concrete Slab

It is important to waterproof the concrete slab so that the slab prevent water seepage from prolonged heavy rain. If the slab becomes wet, the concrete will become soft and could potentially sink. Additionally, if the slab becomes wet and water seepage occurs, it could potentially cause structural damage to the slab.


Waterproofing the kitchen is important to protect appliances and cabinets from water damage. Water can seep under the doors and windows, causing the cabinet walls to rot. Leaks can also cause water damage to the floor and slips.
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Waterproofing is an essential process for preserving the structural integrity of a home. Over time, water can damage a home's foundation, walls, and other structural elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is your waterproofing system?

Shieldo provide 4 type of waterproofing system in 4 area which is Torch On SystemTransparent Liquid SystemSolvent Based System and Water Based System. Our waterproofing services has evolved over the years with the advent of so-called skyscrapers in city areas in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Petaling Jaya. Both the commercial and residential construction industry grew rapidly and our services expanded to reflect the sophistication of construction methodology.

Today, our suite of services is not just a representation of the work we provide to our clients but a reflection of the years we have spent practicing and perfecting our trade.

Do you provide home inspection?

Shieldo provided Free Inspection around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Contact us now for booking your Free Inspection now!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Shieldo provides Installment payment for Credit Card Easy Payment Plan. For more information welcome to chats with us.

Can I get a quotation for my house?

Yes sure. You can contact us on the contact number given. Our team will respond you as soon as possible.

Where Are You Located?

Shieldo is located at Lot 13A-4, Kompleks Komersil Akasa, Akasa Cheras Selatan, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor ( Office ) and No.5-G, Jalan Sutera 4, Taman Sutera Residences, 43200 Cheras, Tun Hussein Onn, Selangor ( Warehouse ). You can refer to our contact page for more direction info.

Do you provide a warranty?

We provided a warranty based on customer need. Torch on System with 2 package of warranty which is 10 years warranty for 4mm thickness, and 5 years warranty for 3.5mm thickness. For Solvent based system, its come with 5 years warranty, 2 years warranty for Transparent Liquid System and Water Based System.

Do you sell the waterproofing product?

Yes. Shieldo has become a supplier for most of the contractor that using Shieldo Waterproofing product. One of the most high demand product is Transparent liquid System which is TLW-80ATLW-80B and TAS-100.

Which area you install the waterproofing system?

We install the waterproofing system in four area, which is RooftopBalconyCar Porch and Bathroom.

CIDB Certified

According to Section 25 of Act 520, all contractors, whether domestic or international, must register with the Malaysian Construction Industry Development Board (LPIPM) or CIDB as of 20 July 1995. (Amendment 2011). 

Without being registered as a contractor registered with LPIPM, a person who undertakes to carry out or carries out and completes any construction work is in violation of this Act and subject to a fine of up to 50,000 ringgit upon conviction. 

With reference to Malaysian Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Act 520, Section 25 (1):

“No person shall carry out work or complete, undertake to carry out or complete any construction work or declare himself as a contractor, unless he is registered with the Board and holds a valid certificate of registration issued by the Board under this Act”.

Before submitting an application for registration, contractors must read the Contractor Registration Standards and Processes and meet all applicable requirements.

A CIDB license will attest to the company's legitimacy as a contractor for activities involving construction. Before beginning any work covered by CIDB Act 520, all contractors—local or foreign—must apply and register with CIDB.
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Service Coverage Area

Our Service Team Covers Almost The Entire Area Of Selangor & Federal Territory As Well As Certain Areas In Perak and Negeri Sembilan.
We would encourage you to contact us to clarify if our team is able to service your area
We have different teams covering different regions throughout Klang Valley which enables us to be efficient and effective in our service delivery. We take pride and joy in delivering an excellent job and solving our clients leaking problems. We also provide a service warranty up to 10 years as a form of assurance and confidence in our workmanship and products.

Trusted Waterproofing Company

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced waterproofing company, look no further than SHIELDO Waterproofing Company. We have been in business for over 10 years and have a wealth of experience to offer our customers. We specialize in residential and commercial waterproofing services, and we are always available to help you solve any waterproofing problems that you may encounter.

Choose Us

Contact us today if you need help getting your home or business properly waterproofed. We will do our best to get the job done right, and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.
Professional Company
We take each of our clients seriously and take pride in delivering a good waterproofing job to provide them with a peace of mind knowing that their home is well-protected against water damage.
Excellent Customer Support
Our team provide regular updates and follow-ups to ensure that the problem is well taken care of. We also take feedbacks from our clients seriously so that we can improve our services and job delivery.
Service Warranty Up To 10 Years
We are confident in our waterproofing solutions that we are able to provide service warranty up to 10 years to our clients. This shows our commitment to deliver and to readily support our clients if any issue arises.
Fast & Efficient In Delivering
Our team of waterproofing specialists typically can get the job done within 48 hours depending on the job scope and weather conditions. Nevertheless, we work as efficiently as possible to minimize the inconvenience of the residents.

The numbers speak for themselves

Our team of waterproofing specialists has completed many projects successfully. We are experienced in implementing waterproofing techniques & systems and are committed to giving our clients the best possible results.



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Committed To Excellence & Integrity, Our SHIELDO Team Ensures Every Single Waterproofing Project Gets Done Well & Our Customers Satisfied.
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"Good service and act professionally. Yes, my problem solved and highly recommended. Thanks."
Chen Siong Ling
Transparent Liquid System
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"The SHIELDO team work professional, great workmanship and serious about the 10 years warranty. Highly recommended."
Bovey Ho
Torch On System

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"Highly recommended. Soo delivered his promise to complete the works on agreed time."
Jong Kai Long
Torch On System
Kuala Lumpur
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