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Waterproofing System

Torch-on waterproofing is a type of waterproofing that is done using a torch or heat gun to seal the cracks or seams in the waterproofing material.

Type Of Membrane Waterproofing

Generally, Two types of torch-on membrane waterproofing are commonly used depending on the location whether it's outdoor or indoor. For outdoors, typically Mineral Membrane is used whereas indoor, Sand Membrane is used.
Mineral Membrane
Sand Membrane

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Three Types of Color Choices

You Can Choose Any Of The Colors From Our Selection To Preserve The Aesthetic Of Your Building Exterior Facade.

Dark Green

Dark Grey

Mix Grey

Torch-On Membrane Waterproofing Method Is One Of The Most Effective Methods For Outdoor Areas

A layer of Bitumen primer is first applied and let dry. After that, another layer for mineral membrane is applied as an additional layer of protection against weathering damages. Depending on the nature of the leakages, the waterproofing method might be complemented by our Other Waterproofing Systems too.
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How to Apply
Torch-On Waterproofing System

Torch on waterproofing system is a popular method utilized in situations where a waterproof membrane is required. The process of torch on waterproofing system application includes the following steps. The steps might vary Depending on the current condition of the surface.

Surface Preparation

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Primer Installation

A primer is applied to the surface to improve the adhesion of the membrane to the surface.

Laying The Membrane

The membrane is rolled out onto the surface, ensuring that it covers the entire area to be waterproofed. The membrane is then heated with a propane gas torch, melting the asphalt bitumen and bonding the membrane to the surface.

Sealing Of Overlaps

Overlaps, terminations and penetrations on the membrane are overlapped and sealed ensuring a tight, watertight finished system.

Quality Control & Inspection

The completed waterproofing system is inspected for defects or damage, and Quality Control procedures are conducted to ensure that the system is functioning properly and that it meets the required standards.

Membrane Protection

After the membrane has been installed it can be protected by cover boards, insulation or green roof materials depending upon the overall roof design.

MIGHT, Cyberjaya

MIGHT stands for Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology, an independent non-profit technology think tank under the purview of the Prime Minister's Department. 
Warranty Period
Service warranty up to 10 years for any defects.
Job Scope
The building faces a leakage issue at the rooftop.

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Torch-On Membrane
Mineral Membrane
Torch-On Membrane
Sand Membrane
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