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Torch-On System
Sand Membrane

Sand membrane is a type of waterproofing system that is composed of a layer of sand and a waterproofing membrane. The sand layer is installed underneath the waterproofing layer to protect it from mechanical damage due to settling and compaction. The membrane also provides a barrier against water, helping to keep the moisture out of the structure and extensions.

Torch-On System (Sand Membrane)

Torch on Sand membrane usually similar with mineral membrane, the surface is difference between mineral and sand membrane. Sand membrane usually used at Non Exposed Area. Torch-on (Sand) usually used for Indoor Slab, which is Kitchen Slab, Extended Slab and also used at Bathroom.

Effective Indoor Waterproofing Method

This kind of the method has been in the market for a long time. This is one of the best quality for indoor slab, its can pond water for a very long time. Its also required a very professional worker to apply its.

This type of waterproofing need to do ponding test (Before and After) for 48 Hours to make sure, no more leaking before applying the tiles.
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Area Of Application

Torch-On Sand Membrane Is Usually Applied Within The Indoor Area Such As Kitchen and Bathroom Areas.

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