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Rubber Waterproofing

Rubber sealant waterproofing method is an environmentally safe alternative to conventional waterproofing system. When the waterproofing application is completed, a seamless flexible waterproof membrane will be formed.

This method is also commonly used together with water-based and solvent-based polyurethane membrane to ensure an effective waterproofing result.
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Method Application

This waterproofing method ultimately prevents water ingress and resists damage from photo-degradation, thermal cycling and dampness.

How To Apply

Firstly, the surface is ensured dry and free of dirt, debris, oil or grease. Typically, the application is not done if heavy rain is imminent or that the environment is highly humid. For best result, it is advisable to apply in thin coats.

Solvent-Based Membrane

Liquid rubber is applied to the surface and also the joints and cracks to form a seamless waterproof layer. This can be conveniently applied via a roller, brush or even a specialized spray machine at a recommended application temperature of 15-20°. Solvent-Based membrane is typically versatile and more durable.

Water-Based Membrane

A fully adhered flexible protective membrane layer will be formed. The curing time may vary, depending on the relative humidity and temperature. 

Water-based membrane are generally odourless and aesthetically appealing.

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