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Torch-On System
Mineral Membrane

Torch on system mineral membranes (TOMMs) are a type of pre-fabricated waterproofing material used in commercial and residential flat roofing applications. The TOMM consists of a highly flexible and resilient sheet of torchable modified bitumen that is reinforced and/or overlaid with a reinforcing mat (usually fiberglass and/or nylon).

What is Torch-On Membrane?

Torch-on membrane, or also commonly known as bitumen torch-on – is a specialised solution that works particularly well on flat concrete roofs. It is effective in waterproofing foundation and retaining walls, parapet walls, expansion joints as well as gutters and water retaining structures.

Effective Outdoor Waterproofing Method

This innovative waterproofing method act as an alternative to asphalt roofing. Typically used on flat roofs, bitumen, which is a hydrocarbon made from crude oil, is one of the major components in forming this sticky, viscous organic liquid membrane.

Bituminous torch-on method is widely regarded as one of the most popularly reliable method for waterproofing contractors in Malaysia as it is harmless to the environment and highly impermeable to water.
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Torch-On System (Mineral Membrane)

Mineral Membrane Torch-On System Are Commonly Applied Outdoors Typically On Rooftops, Car Porchs and Balcony Areas Which Are Exposed To Rain & Shine.

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