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Company Profile

Providing trusted quality waterproofing services.
SHIELDO is the PIONEER COMPANY in the field of Waterproofing Services in Malaysia. Our commitment to excellence coupled with seasoned workmanship separates us from our competitors.

Each member of our team is a specialist in respective niche. Together we are committed to providing our customer with a professional service and amazing customer experience. Satisfaction guaranteed with warranty up to 5 years! We make sure that you are investing where the best returns are, which is your cozy and comfortable HOME.
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FINEST QUALITY Waterproofing Services in Malaysia

SHIELDO Waterproofing

Our Core Value

We believe in providing a comprehensive and quality waterproofing service to our customers as well as

Reflecting our core beliefs that creativity, understanding of customers’ needs and innovation, we place a strong emphasis on providing value-adding services to our customers.
SHIELDO Waterproofing

Our Commitment

Knowledge, technical innovation and teamwork are the core of our company.

Our employees come from a diverse background in home improvement projects such as Renovation, Remodeling or Home Improvements. You can rest assured that our team can cater PROFESSIONAL and EFFICIENT services.

SHIELDO Your Trusted
Waterproofing Expert

The comprehensive range of waterproofing services we offer includes general sealing, joint sealing, water tanking, bathroom waterproofingroof waterproofingbalconies, and planter boxes waterproofing, as well as specialty waterproofing like pre-applied/chemical waterproof membrane and injection grouting. These solutions are applied in both residential and commercial projects.
Up To 10 Years Service Warranty
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